Our product


Our policy has been custom designed and drafted specifically for the Irish Market. It offers some unique features not found on competitors’ policies together with a comprehensive list of policy extensions. Just as you would expect from a market leader.

Key Elements of Our Policy:

  • Available to General Insurance, Life Insurance, Pensions, Investment and Mortgage Intermediaries
  • Civil Liability Wording
  • “Best In Class” Product Design
  • “Any One Claim/Costs in Addition” Limit of Indemnity for all your Business activities (no restrictive Aggregate Limits such as often apply on Life, Pensions, Investment)
  • Policy Excess does not apply to successful Defence Costs
  • Policy Excess capped at 3 per period of Insurance
  • Policy excess applies to “each claim” not to “each claimant”
  • Full Retroactive Cover
  • Fully compliant with Central Bank of Ireland requirements
  • Extensions Included : Libel/Slander, Fidelity/Dishonesty, Loss of Documents, Joint Ventures, Financial Services Ombudsman Awards, CBI Investigation costs, Claims Mitigation Costs, PR Costs (post loss), Binding Authorities, Acquisition Cover, Mediation Clause, Extended Reporting Period, Court Attendance, Innocent Non-Disclosure
  • Policy Documentation issued within 1 hour of placement

Dublin-based Legal Defence Team